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Fudgey-Wudge, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fudgey-Wudge
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Abyssinian guinea pig
Home: Western Australia, Australia
   Fudgey is a multicolored Abyssinian that was only born recently but loves to run around the garden. He loves parsley and basil. Fudgey-Wudge, Fudge for short, is very friendly around people and likes to be handled.

    His biggest likes include Herbs, Grass and playing in Gardens. The dislikes he is most adamant about are Banana, Dust and Cats! The other cavy in that photo is Apple, a friend of his. We're a bit worried about them fighting, though.

    Cats are definitely one of Fudge's worst enemies. We dropped Fudge and Apple over at a friend's house. Everything was okay until their cat was let out. When we checked on Fudge he was running around like crazy. A few minutes later he was standing stiff, just waiting there for something to happen!

    Fudge doesn't like going to other people's houses as it turns out. He just stays in his house when there's no-one watching, he's a real little homebody!

Fudgey-Wudge, the Pet of the Day
Fudgey-Wudge, the Pet of the Day

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