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Pet of the Day
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Henry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Henry
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: American Budgie
Home: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
   This is Henry! He was adopted from the Humane Society about a month after one of our budgies, Daisy-Bee, suddenly passed away. There were other budgies at the shelter, but Henry chose us.

    Henry was originally someone else's pet but he managed to escape. He was found when he flew onto someone's lap in a baseball field, obviously in an attempt to be rescued. After adopting Henry, we could tell that he had been abused in his previous home, he was fine with sitting on any part of your body except your hands. We believe that his previous owners may have grabbed at him or flicked him.

    Henry has been with us for about six months now, he has really changed and developed a crazy personality. He is best friends with our budgie Archie and tends to follow him everywhere! Henry also eats a lot and tends to get his face dirty, so when we try to give him a bath in the sink he flaps around and pretends to have a bath on the countertop. He also never stops singing and gets mad if you talk over him. He has overcome his fear of hands and loves riding around on shoulders with Archie. He has come so far and we truly love him!

Henry, the Pet of the Day
Henry, the Pet of the Day

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