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Yoshi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Yoshi
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot
Home: Rockwall, Texas, USA
   Yoshi joined my boyfriend and my's family through a series of crazy circumstances, that lined up just right to bring him home only a couple days after meeting him. He's a beautiful bird, and even though he's showing some down feathers and sporting a couple of bald spots on his back, he's on the road to a happy, stress-free life. Parrots are extremely sensitive, emotionally and nutritionally, and too much stress or vitamin deficiency can cause feather plucking, a behavior in which a parrot will actually pull and mutilate their own feathers. Luckily his case was not severe, and he seems to have stopped now that he's in a nice quiet home.

    When I met Yoshi he was in an 18" X 18" (46 cm x 46 cm) cage (which is tiny for a bird his size!!), eating nothing but seed mix and in a small, cramped room filled with other loud birds. I immediately fell in love with him even though he was so scared of me, just because I was a human. He now is in a huge cage, a mansion compared to what he used to live in, receives a variety of fresh and cooked foods daily, and is fantastic company to all parts of the family. He watches the dogs play, chatters with the humans that come and go, and though he'd rather not be touched (at least for now), he still seeks out our attention with his silly sounds.

    I'm absolutely thrilled to have added him to our family, and though we still have very much to learn about each other, we both have quite long lives ahead of us to do plenty of bonding and teaching.

Yoshi, the Pet of the Day
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Yoshi, the Pet of the Day
Yoshi, the Pet of the Day
Yoshi, the Pet of the Day

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