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Bambi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bambi
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chocolate Otter Rex Rabbit
Home: Gloucestershire, England, UK
   Bambi is a beautiful little girl ... and she knows it! Whenever the camera is pointed at her she always poses!

    When I first went to the pet shop to buy two rabbits, I didn't see Bambi. She was lying in an igloo with about three rabbits lying on top of her all snuggled together. When she finally made her way out I knew that she was the rabbit I wanted along with my first choice, her friend Blossom who wasn't a part of the group and was munching away in the corner. They were perfect together.

    Sadly, Bambi was ill from the moment I got her. After a very close encounter she pulled through. Bambi is such a wonderful girl and is a very caring rabbit. She happily comes up to anyone for a cuddle and always cheers me up! She's a valued member of the family along with the rest of the bunnies!

Bambi, the Pet of the Day
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Bambi, the Pet of the Day
Bambi, the Pet of the Day

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