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Chloe, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chloe
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Oberhasli Goat
Home: Wasilla, Alaska, USA
   Chloe is the main milk producer for our family. She came to us (along with her mother and younger sister) from a home where she was fed nothing but straw. She had kidded twice before we got her, and had twins the first time, and triplets the second. All five of her kids were either stillborn, or died within a couple of days after birth. She was very thin and undersized when we first got her, and it was a bit of a task to get some weight onto her. But that was nothing we couldn't handle.

    Once Chloe gained weight steadily, and when she was ready, we bred her to an oberhasli/nubian buck. Five months later, she gave us healthy, happy triplets (two Doelings and a Buckling). Although Chloe had a bit of a hard time delivering and needed some assistance, in the end all of the kids were healthy as can be. The Buckling was sold, and we kept the doelings (both of which are expecting their babies in April/May).

    Two weeks after kidding, Chloe got really sick and almost died from Milk Fever. I had her on two sleeping bags, covered with a goose-down comforter, with an electric heating pad underneath the comforter, to keep her warm. I slept on the floor, right next to her, in the garage that night, giving her medication every 30-45 minutes. She pulled through, and is now completely healthy!

    Chloe established herself in our little herd as the "head-doe." She was our only horned goat, and she liked using her horns on the other does to get a point across, so after much deliberation, in early winter of 2013, Chloe's horns were banded, and fell off a few weeks later. She is still the head doe, and is doing wonderfully! She is extremely easy to milk, and a terrific producer. Her milk is sweet, and amazing! We love our Chloe! :)

Chloe, the Pet of the Day

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