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Michel, Socke, the Pet of the Day
Name: Michel, Socke
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dwarf rabbits
Home: Brieselang, Brandenburg, Germany
   These are my sister's and my rabbits. The black one is called Michel and the brown one is Socke. They are brothers and we got them when they were eight weeks old. They were so cute! We got two so they would have each other for company when we are at school, and will not get lonesome.

    Now they are about nine months old and still cute but also a little bit cheeky. When they have to go into the pen, they run away and hide. When they'e hungry, they prod my hand hard with their nose.

    They live outside and have a big pen. My sister and I build obstacles and hideaways for them made out of twigs and pipes. Sometimes we put the pen in the sandpit or a dirt patch because they love to dig. In the winter their cage is in the shed so it won't get too cold for them. Their hutch has two floors and they have underfloor heating in the upper floor, too. We feed them with vegetables and hay. Their favorite foods are carrots, cucumbers, salad and herbs. Oh, it's time to go outside and feed them now and pet them! We love them very much!

Michel, Socke, the Pet of the Day
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Michel, Socke, the Pet of the Day
Michel, Socke, the Pet of the Day
Michel, Socke, the Pet of the Day

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