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Sugar, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sugar
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pony, Rural Horse cross
Home: Tbilisi, Georgia
   What makes my pet special is that he helped me overcome very tough times. I hated life, disliked myself, didn't trust anyone in this world, and then along came Sugar. We were searching for a horse for my mom and we found this pony tied to the trees. The owner of the horse told us he was for sale. My mom had me think for a little while. (At the time I had another horse, a dappled bay gelding, which I was slightly afraid of.) I finally decided to buy Sugar, who was then four years of age (meaning I was ten).

    I had aggression problems. I was over-emotional and distrustful. Sugar didn't let me be that way. He would act the way I did and punish me with bites if I tried to be harsh. He changed me completely.

    I also became a much better rider. As Sugar only stands at 13.2hh people started to say I needed a better horse. We proved them wrong. My 134cm pony gradually learned how to jump, at the same time teaching me. Last autumn Sugar competed for the first time in Show-jumping. My trainer who didn't think Sugar was capable of jumping 10cm was astonished! And then Sugar astonished a larger crowd. My whole stable was shocked when they found out my 134cm pony jumped 120cm (4 feet!)!!!

    My little pony/rural horse cross jumps higher than most of the horses in our stable and is competing again on the 20th of July! Wish us luck!

Sugar, the Pet of the Day
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Sugar, the Pet of the Day
Sugar, the Pet of the Day

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