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Lucky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lucky
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Bratislava, Slovakia
   Lucky is special because of his awesome cute face. He is not my first pet rabbit. I thought I never wanted to have one again after my last one, because of the sorrow when you lose your loved pet. This boy, though, I got few months ago from something like a hypermarket, and he was already adult. In our country, when you can't sell some unwanted pet, it automatically goes as a food for snakes.

    I can tell from his behavior that he used to be abused. When I first got him, he was afraid of every sound, every noise, and every movement some stranger did. It took me a month till he let me touch him or pet him, and two or three months until he was comfortable enough and took some food from my hand. Now that he is used to being a loved rabbit, he interacts with new people or pets really well. He found the ability to trust me again, he's not afraid so much of things like he used to be. He loves walking with me through the garden, and living the good life! So that's why I named him Lucky!

Lucky, the Pet of the Day

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