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Dweezil, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dweezil
Age: Nine weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Australorp Chicken
Home: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
   Hi! My name is Dweezil and I am six weeks old in some of these pictures! I am an Australorp, which is a breed of Australian chicken. Australorp is short for Australian Orpington. Bet you can't say that ten times fast! I have white spots on my face because I'm still a baby, but when I grow up I will be all shiny black. My human mummy bought me at a store that sells things for farmers, and I was the only little chicken left in the shop.

    You can see me sitting on her shoulder just after I was brought home. I was only four weeks old there and very scared. Even though I am getting very big I still like to sit on mummy's shoulder and sing to her. She says I'm a really big help when she's trying to work or play computer games or talk on the phone. She says I sound like an old-fashioned police whistle. Mostly we play outside in the grass with the other chickens, but I'm too small to be outside by myself. A crow might eat me. When I grow up I will be between seven to nine pounds. Instead of being the smallest birdie in the yard, I will be the biggest, and lay the biggest eggs! That will be fun. But I'm not sure mummy will still want me cuddling on her shoulder then. I don't know how she will get anything done without me standing on her coffee cup, but I am sure she will manage. Now I am nine weeks old, and you can see I am already getting much bigger!

    P.S. Dweezil would like everyone to know that she has discovered ice cream. Her favorite flavor is Rocky Road, and if you don't share she will hop up and put her feet in the bowl so you have no choice in the matter. Of course after you get a pair of chicken feet in your ice cream, you generally don't want it anymore!

Dweezil, the Pet of the Day
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Dweezil, the Pet of the Day
Dweezil, the Pet of the Day
Dweezil, the Pet of the Day

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