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LaLuna, the Pet of the Day
Name: LaLuna
Age: One year, four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: English Angora Rabbit
Home: British Columbia, Canada
   Meet LaLuna, a purebred English Angora Rabbit. LaLuna is just a bit over a year old. What make LaLuna special is that she, LaLuna is unique in more ways than one. Usually, English Angora Rabbit weight around 7-7.5 pounds (3.4 kg), LaLuna is ten pounds (4.5 kg) and she is one healthy bunny.

    Secondly, unlike most pet rabbits, LaLuna has a career in healthcare ... she is a Volunteer pet at our local hospital and very much a star in her own right. LaLuna brings joy, laughter and happy memories back to those who need it. Her calm and gentle nature have made her a famous volunteer. Children, Adults, Elderly they all adore her.

    She was even featured in her local paper. According to the article, "La Luna is a favorite on the seniors' acute care and psychiatric wards.

    "What it adds for these patients is a distraction or a comfort," said Clare O'Kelly, manager of volunteer resources at the hospital. "It takes their mind away from what is happening that may not be pleasant, and takes them away to a different place," she said.

    And she isn't just popular with patients. The hospital staff too has really taken to having La Luna visit. Not all bunnies are cut out for a job in health care, though. La Luna has an especially calm and gentle temperament."

    So LaLuna is special to many people, not just to me! She helps some people to open up to others while petting her. LaLuna may be "just a bunny," but she has a big heart and lots of love to give to those who needed the most. I am very proud of her.

LaLuna, the Pet of the Day
LaLuna, the Pet of the Day

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