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Freja, the Pet of the Day
Name: Freja
Age: Two years, four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Denmark
   Freja and her siblings were born late at night on the 16th of february 2012, she was the first to be born at around 11 pm. In the morning when I came to check on the three babies and their mum, I was very worried for her, she was the runt, and her siblings seemed to keep pushing her away so she couldn't get any milk. The mother was a first time mother, so to be sure it all went well, I decided I needed to help. I was sure Freja would not make it, she was so slow and nonresponsive, and as the days passed, she was much slower at doing anything, eating, trying new things, and she was very passive, sitting in the corner. I kept watching over her to make sure she learned how to drink milk, where the water was and encourage her to try new things like her siblings and teach her other things, her mother, thankfully picked up that she needed to watch over her a bit, and let her have extra long drinking turns when the others were playing.

    Now, years later, Freja is a completely different piggy, after she got a younger roommate to keep her company, she started to really flourish, she even gets along with her sister, who doesn't bully her anymore, so that is wonderful, they like to lay and sleep next to one another as seen on the picture. Freja acts like the groups mother towards the younger females, cleaning them behind the ears and nuzzling them often. She is still a very quiet guinea pig when calling for food or wheeking, even biting the bars she does without sound, you have to listen very closely, at first I thought she was unable to speak, but she will sound her pipes aloud if she is outside of the cage and she can hear the others are being fed, so she's let me know she can be noisy, very noisy actually, if she wants to, but she prefers to be quiet and goofy. I had her to the vet a few times to make sure she was not sick, since she acted so strange, but she is just very quiet. Now she acts as if she is a baby, a late bloomer and she is making up for all the play time she didn't do when she was a baby, she loves to get tickled, and will roll over on her side kicking her legs and popcorning, and she loooooves a chin and ear rub. And on the floor she is very cheeky, she goes to explore places she knows are forbidden and she loves to run, she s really come out of her shell and I couldn't be more thrilled to see what a goofy, loving happy pig she has become!! Freja is also daughter of Eros, who was pet of the day may 6th 2013, and she looks like a black version of him.

    I am so happy she made it, and that she, despite being pushed a bit aside, is so loving and can get along with other pigs, she is very affectionate towards humans,everyone can take her out. She will climb into your hands if you put her hands down to her, she is very trusting and downright lazy when out, she can stay out for hours just sleeping next to you and she lays all flat with her eyes closed. We have a very close bond, since I was like a second mother to her, and I am sure she remembers me helping her through a rough start in life, and in return showers me with affection and kisses and a soft-spoken wheek.

    Since she is so quiet, she is also very careful, even if she wants to be adventurous. If there is a strange object suddenly where it wasn't yesterday, she won't go near the spot, she is a a scaredy-cat, and she wont budge to move close to the strange object even if I show her its not dangerous, she doesn't like changes too much. She also eats super slow, and enjoys her food, especially rare treats like water melon in the summer.

Freja, the Pet of the Day
Freja, the Pet of the Day

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