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Leon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Leon
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lionhead Rabbit
Home: Bedburg, Germany
   Leon is my sweet, playful rabbit. He has black, fluffy fur. On the neck there is a white stripe; it looks like he is wearing a collar. Leon lives in a large, fenced and covered area. For hiding or sleeping, he has a stable. His playmate called Chilli. She is an eight-year-old dwarf rabbit. Chilli has a white fur with black spots.

    In fine weather, the two go outside and play in a cage on the lawn. There they eat grass. They get daily rabbit food and fresh water. They also like to nibble treats such rabbit safe chips and peas. They very much like to eat breadsticks and fresh carrots or turnip greens. By nibbling on stale bread or rolls the rabbits file off their teeth. This is important because unlike us, their teeth grow all the time. Every eight weeks, we cut his claws, similar to our own fingernails. Once a year, the two will be examined and vaccinated by a veterinarian.

    Both Leon and Chilli are easy to capture and caress. It looks especially sweet when they sniff something or eat treats from your hand. Leon and Chilli also often get a visit from my friends. They will then petted and cuddled a lot. If I'm not at home, my mother feeds them. When we are on vacation, they are cared for by a neighbor, so we make sure they are always happy. I really like them and am glad that I have Leon, and Chilli too.

Leon, the Pet of the Day

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