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Masato, the Pet of the Day
Name: Masato
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Fancy Mouse
Home: Brooks, Alberta, Canada
   Masato was a petstore mouse, and he is a broken brindle Fancy Mouse. He is very special. Over the year I've had him I have built a bond I've never had with a mouse. I let him run free and can kiss his back without him being in my hand. Here is a small video of how tame he is. My Dad was taking snow off the roof yesterday and he got all hyper thinking I was in the room wanting to be let out of his cage and given treats, which I do every time I clean cages. I trained him to get in and out of his cage. I know people think mice aren't smart but that was his second day of training. That is a piece of popcorn he had. He will sniff my hand in the manner of a dog, and lick pudding or peanut butter from my finger. He is a sweet, intelligent boy and I love him!

    He's a big fat squish that grabs my finger if I bug him and gives it a good sniff, especially if I touch his belly. He loves pumpkin seeds like most of my other mice, and peanuts. He hates being caught and put back in his cage after running free every week though, and sometimes he nips me gently if I bug him too much. I've started to try getting him to do hurdles but he doesn't follow treats like other mice and instead grabs them. If I hold on it's a tug of war or stalemate where he still won't let go! He has his own opinions for sure.

Masato, the Pet of the Day

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