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Giovanni, the Pet of the Day
Name: Giovanni
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: English Short Hair Guinea Pig
Home: Wisconsin, USA
   This is my Giovanni. Being uniquely colored he is one of a kind. Such a shy piggy, however, he ventures around his cage and has quite a squeaker.

    Giovanni stayed at a pet store unadopted for over five months until I gave in and brought him home on Christmas Eve. He is independent, yet a snuggler. He's a bit nervous to meet new people, but if you have kale he will love you forever. He doesn't know tricks, currently, besides learning how to use the door on his cage. He loves running pretty much anywhere and is easy to make happy. He is very adventurous and opens up more and more to me each day. He also loves to play with other guinea pigs, too!

Giovanni, the Pet of the Day

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