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Creampuff, the Pet of the Day
Name: Creampuff
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Angora Mouse
Home: Alberta, Canada
   This my little Creampuff. Her mother wasn't producing enough milk and all of her litter but her died. Another female I had at the time had just finished nursing her own litter so I gave this poor, half starved pinky to her, and the mum took her in unquestioningly. At first I was afraid she'd die anyway because even when she got fur she was dreadfully small. However, as time went on she gained weight, and these days she's a butterball that you would never know was a runt that nearly died.

    Creampuff has turned out quite friendly and easy to catch, though she loves to mostly hide in her house. And although she may look like a hamster in that picture, she is all mouse - I call them longhaired angora mice, although I do not know if that's an official term! I feed her nothing but good stuff, extrusion for hamsters and pumpkin seeds as treats, but she spends more time in her house than on one of her wheels. She does not bite - people should understand that if they treat mice gently they don't bite at all.

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