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Kitai, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kitai
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Thoroughbred Horse
Home: Queensland, Australia
   Kitai is very lucky that I chose him as my horse! He finished racing in 2012, and he was retired and resting for the rest of the year, and in April 2013, I fell in love with him. He was a bit skinny, and had no muscle, and basically no training, but I wanted him anyway.

    I have never seen a horse try so hard in my life, he would run his heart out for me. He was the most giving and caring horse I have ever owned! For two months I rode Kitai, training each day, learning to jump - which he took to immediately. He was such a quick learner that he was jumping high in no time!

    It all fell apart in July, when the farrier put two nails into the wrong part of his hoof, which you would assume that Kitai would limp, but nope, he didn't show any signs of pain. But then he started rearing ... We got the vet out straight away, and then a farrier, who looked at his feet, and that is when they told us the damage that existed on the inside of his hooves.

    It is all a very long story, but four vets, about five different farriers have looked at his hooves, he has gotten x-rays, he has had special corrective shoeing, and plasters and boots on his hooves, all trying to fix his problems. The racing industry is so harsh on horses hooves that Kitai's bones have actually been eaten and rotted away on the inside, and all infections and hoof separation all happened within his hoof. No one could believe that he never limped, they said he is one incredibly strong horse!

    Anyway, six months later, Kitai still has terrible hooves, and he is starting to show pain. After trying special boots and vets advice for the past few months, there is still no improvement. In December he went to see another vet and farrier, who are incredibly worried, now his bone is rotating down, and if he keeps rotating and pushing, it will push through his hoof sole, because it is so thin, and if he keeps walking, the hoof wall will keep separating.

    The vet said the only thing they can do is soak his feet each day, put very special shoes on him, and he has to live in a stable and small paddock for a year until his hooves can grow back. They are hoping after a year of rest, then they should improve and he will be able to live happy and walk fine the rest of his life. He will probably never be ridden again, but thats okay with me!

    Kitai has cost thousands of dollars to help him, and a lot of other people would of just sold him on after knowing he could never be ridden again. The past months have been so upsetting, it is heartbreaking knowing how sore he must be, and I feel so guilty that I rode him, even though he never showed one sign of pain. He just wanted to make me happy. He is my best friend, he has the kindest nature, and really does not deserve this.

   Keep Kitai in your thoughts so he can have a quick recovery! <3

Kitai, the Pet of the Day
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Kitai, the Pet of the Day
Kitai, the Pet of the Day

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