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Chance, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chance
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Boer Goat
Home: Oregon, USA
   Hey, everyone, my name is Chance (officially One Last Chance) and I just turned a year old on February 16! My mommy made me special cookies for my birthday, but I'm not much a sweets lover so I didn't eat them. I don't think she was very happy about that but my other two friends seemed to love them and that made her laugh! Anyways, I want to tell you my story.

    I was born on a cold rainy day to my goat mommy on my farm. I wasn't the only one she had though, she had my sister too! My sister is my best friend and I go everywhere with her, we even sleep together. I remember the day my human mommy saw me and scooped me up into her arms! I was scared! She took me so high off the ground and I was so tiny it seemed like I would fall. I screamed a lot, but after a while, I learned to like being cuddled and often fell asleep in her arms. I wasn't born on my human mommy's farm though, I was born on her friends farm so I wasn't her goat yet, that comes next.

    One day, when I was a little older and my human mommy was holding me, a big man took me from her arms. I already didn't like being taken from my human mommy and then I smelled something that smelled like fire. All of a sudden I had a TON of pain on top of my head and I cried really loud! It felt like my whole head was on fire! I didn't understand why I hurt so much and was really scared. It was over pretty fast though and they put this gooey cold stuff on my head and handed me back to my nice mommy who talked really soft to me and cuddled me telling me not to cry. It still hurt though and I was still moaning from the pain. My mommy started crying and everyone was talking in hushed voices. They didn't realize how much she loved me. That is when everyone decided to give me to my human mommy for keeps.

    After that though, I wasn't the same. I was very scared of everybody and didn't even want my mommy coming near me. My mommy would lay me on my side when she caught me and would hold me there till I relaxed and let her pet me. I still didn't trust her for a long time. I still don't trust men, but after a while I finally realized that she wasn't going to hurt me and I became her baby, or at least that's what she calls me now along with my name, Chance. I don't know why I have that name, but something tells me I am lucky to be alive and I have her to thank for it.

    Since then I have grown to love her very much and we lay in the field together a lot. She has also taught me some tricks! I know how to rear up like a big horse and turn around in circles. She says she is going to teach me to shake, whatever that is. I love carrots and everytime my mommy brings me some I go crazy! She doesn't give them to me fast enough. I love to run around with her in the field and we like to jump over stuff together. I love my mommy and hope I am always with her!

Chance, the Pet of the Day
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Chance, the Pet of the Day
Chance, the Pet of the Day

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