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Nigel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nigel
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Friesian mix
Home: Turner, Oregon, USA
   This handsome boy is Nigel. He is a Friesian Mustang cross with Friesian Sport Horse. Nigel is training to be a Search and Rescue Posse Mount when he grows up. Some people do not realize that it take a horse longer than a dog, for example, to be grown up and ready for training! He is going to be four years old this July and has just started his riding and desensitization training.

    We hope to participate in some increased intensity police horse training this summer. He's a great partner, thinks he's a Labrador instead of a horse ... I just have to be careful when he tries to jump in my lap :0) he honestly does think he'd fit in my lap - despite the fact just his head is too big to actually fit, never mind the rest of him, silly horse! We are anxious to get into Mt. Jefferson wilderness area and do some trail riding and exploration when the snow melts...

    He's always such a goof I don't have many face shots... but he is such a great horse!

    Nigel and I would like to add a plug for the Marion County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Teams. We are multifaceted, Jeep team, ATV team, Foot crew a.k.a. Team 18, Chuckwagon and of course my favorite, the Mounted Posse.

    Although we are all separate teams we function like a well-oiled machine under urgent or emergency situations. We love volunteering in the community. Just this month Jeep team shuttled nurses to Salem Hospital because there was so much snow and the roads were unsafe. If it weren't for Jeep Team's effort there would not have been enough critical staff to care for the patients. Posse patrolled a few years back when there was a tornado east of Salem. Crew 18 repeatedly helps with lost persons. Posse has been on several search missions, mostly in Marion County, but we also respond to other counties and have actively helped in the Kyron Horman search. We rescue starved and abused animals and really enjoy being involved in the community.

    I really enjoy all my posse pals and all the teams that are involved with search and rescue, truly impressive and great people! And Nigel is looking forward to the time he can be a trained member of the Mounted Posse himself!

Nigel, the Pet of the Day
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Nigel, the Pet of the Day
Nigel, the Pet of the Day

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