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Pet of the Day
Today's Pet of the Day
Professor Sprinkles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Professor Sprinkles
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: North American Box Turtle
Home: Portland, Oregon, USA
   This is Professor Sprinkles, he is three years old in human years, but ten years old in turtle years. Professor Sprinkles is kind of a long name, I know. But I named him that because of when I first saw him. The first time I saw him was at Critter Cabana where they have a big variety of pets. They took him out of his cage so I could see him. On his back were little patterns that make up his shell. They kind of looked like sprinkles. But I thought Sprinkles was a kind of plain name for him, since he looked so wild, so I decided on Professor Sprinkles, but around the house we just call him "turtle."

    Professor Sprinkles is always doing something. His daily routine is: sleep in log, wake up, walk over to corner of cage, sit there, sit there more, keep on sitting until someone gets home, try to play with them, eat dinner, then at bedtime, go into his log to sleep. Prof. Sprinkles is very athletic. He likes walking around the house. Unfortunately he is very small and has to be watched while active, but he loves to walk in his forty-gallon tank.

    He is very weird because he is kind of like a cat. His favorite food is cat food. When he eats his cat food, he'll sniff it and then stuff his face in it. We give him the squishy kind.

    Professor Sprinkles is very cool because he loves to run. Sometimes on the weekends I will pick him up and take him to the hallway and he will just start walking. He tried to walk up the stairs, but gave up when he saw how high they were. Prof. Sprinkles walks a lot. He walked to the kitchen and almost under the fridge. Thankfully, I grabbed him right before he did. He also walked all the way to the family room, dining room, living room and to the door.

    Professor Sprinkles is also afraid of lots of things. The other day I got two betta fish. I thought Prof. Sprinkles would like to meet them, but when he saw them he poked his head inside his shell. He is also afraid of grapes. I put two grapes in his cage and then he sniffed them and walked away and never came back to that side of the cage again until I removed them. He is also afraid of his own image! I put him in front of a mirror so he could see himself but he hid inside his shell. again. Silly turtle!

Professor Sprinkles, the Pet of the Day
Professor Sprinkles, the Pet of the Day

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