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Hope, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hope
Age: Thirteen months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Oberhasli, Nubian Goat
Home: Wasilla, Alaska, USA
   Hi! My name is Hope. I'm an Oberhasli / Nubian mix. I was born in January, 2013. I live in Wasilla, Alaska, and I'm expecting my first kids in April 2014!

    When I was a baby, I didn't have any other goat kids around to play with, but then a nice lady came over (she's my mommy now), picked me up, and brought me to her home (now my home too!), where another baby goat was waiting to keep me company for a while! I had a hard time understanding what all the bouncing and hopping was around that I saw the other baby goat doing, but within three days, I got 'hooked' on baby-play, and I was jumping, running, and bouncing right along with him.

    We lived in the garage for a few weeks until the weather warmed up (we had our very own, spacious pen built in there!). We got to go out on daily walks, and played with my new mommy's human kids a lot. I was a very scared little girl when I first got to my new home (they called me 'feral'), and I didn't want anyone to touch me, but because everyone loved and spoiled me so much, I quickly overcame my fears, and my dream is to be a lap goat, and lounge on the couch indoors all the time.

    I love to eat. Eating is my passion in life. Well, eating, and getting loved on by Mommy! But I was born to eat. Mommy calls me her "little butter-ball." Even though I'm not so little anymore ... Everyone comments on how round I am, and as much as I try to explain that I'm just 'fluffy,' I don't think humans can speak 'goat' so my words fall on deaf ears. But that's okay.

    I live with three other girl goats. They are all very nice, but can be a bit bossy sometimes. I rank at the bottom of the food-chain, but I don't mind. We live in a nice goat house, where mommy milks our head doe, and where I am going to be milked when my time comes. I love my home. Even in the coldest weather, my Mommy always makes sure that our goat house stays nice and warm with an electric heater. Mommy also brings us very warm water on days when it gets really, really cold. And we have ramps, and a picnic table to play on. The picnic table is my favorite! :)

    In November Mommy took me to visit a Boy goat. He was so funny! It was a very short visit, but I was blessed with little buns in the oven as a result, and I am very excited to be a mommy for the first time!

Hope, the Pet of the Day
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Hope, the Pet of the Day
Hope, the Pet of the Day

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