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Callie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Callie
Age: Three months old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: White-faced Cockatiel
Home: Geneva, Illinois, USA
   Callie is my baby White faced cockatiel. I got her when she was nine weeks old so I have had her for a short time. We do not know if she is a girl or a boy yet but right now I just call her a girl. She is super, super friendly and loves everyone she meets! I got her because my other two parakeets had passed away and I know I wanted another bird. We got her, along with three other birds, two parakeets named Turbo and Blueberry and another cockatiel named Joey. They all get along very well together and enjoy each other's company, but Callie and Joey share the same cage and the parakeets are in a different cage. I take them all out often so they can get some exercise.

    Callie and Joey are very special to me cause they are my first cockatiels. Callie, as I said is very sweet and never bites. She loves to sit on your finger and will sometimes climb up your arm and on to your shoulder. Her favorite food is millet and she also enjoys eating corn, and will snack on her cuttlebone. I the day when I was suppose to bring her home I was very sick so my dad went and picked her and the other birds up. I couldn't even hold them or anything that day, but the next day I felt much better and played with them for most of the day. Callie's wings are clipped so she doesn't know how to fly. I was very close to naming her Zoey but I didn't because I just thought Callie would suit her better. The nice thing is is that I'm homeschooled so I can spend a lot of time with her. Sometimes she likes to sit in her food bowl like it is a nest and this is very cute! My family and I love Callie very much!!!

Callie, the Pet of the Day
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Callie, the Pet of the Day
Callie, the Pet of the Day

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