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Pinde, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pinde
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: African Pigmy Hedgehog
Home: Fredericia, Denmark
   Meet Pinde. He is my first hedgehog. I've had him for about eight months now and I got him from a girl who lost interest in him. He is very shy, and he rolls up when I handle him, because he was not handled that much where he lived before. He is a little overweight, so he eats a blend of half light catfood and half hedgehogfood. Hedgehogs can easily become overweight, so I make sure he doesn't eat too much, he only gets a small tablespoon a day, and then he gets vegetables like cabbage, cucumber, spinach, carrot and herbs. As treats he gets shrimp, chicken, egg whites and mealworms.

    He sleeps all day and is active in the night time. Every evening I take him out to get exercise and of course to get used to being around humans. I have tried to give him treats from my hand, but he is still too shy to take them, but I keep trying, I think some day he will trust me enough to eat them, but we're just not there yet.

    I have a weakness for animals left on their own, with no human contact, just being in their cage day in and day out. So when I heard about him, I had no doubt that I could provide a better life for him, than just giving him food and water, even if I never owned a hedgehog before. I got on the Internet and read all I could find about taking care of him, contacted a breeder and asked her for advice. She said it will maybe take a year or even more to make him comfortable with me, when he is so shy, so I need to have patience with him.

    We have to take small steps, Pinde and I, and we have. He licked my arm once, that was really cute. I have great hopes for the future, and I will never give up on him. He is my little guy.

Pinde, the Pet of the Day
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Pinde, the Pet of the Day
Pinde, the Pet of the Day
Pinde, the Pet of the Day
Pinde, the Pet of the Day

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