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Archie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Archie
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bearded Dragon
Home: Elgin, Scotland, United Kingdom
   Archie is a cheerful, curious reptile that loves to watch the world go by. Archie is special to me because he is my first reptile. I am used to mammals and birds like dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits and chickens. He is a lovely little thing and he enjoys to be handled, there had been times he climbed onto my shoulder and watched out of the window. He tells me when he is hungry by scratching on the window or sitting beside his food bowl and he also hints that he is bored of the same things, example: If I give him nothing but crickets and mealworms he would stop eating them but when I buy a tub of locust and put one in his vivarium he would run up to it and guzzle the poor thing. He loves his salad (Mostly Kale) and locusts.

    He is very friendly and loves the camera; when he sees the thing, he starts to pose. Archie loves everyone, he will happily sit in your palm and admire the view, of course he is a little bit grumpy when he is shedding but when he finish shedding he is back to his loveable, smart self. I love his colour scheme, his orange head is very striking and the patterns on his back are so sweet. I brought him not so long ago but I seem so attached to him already probably due to his lovable personality.

    It was rather hard to look after him at first, as you had to give him live food and make sure he got enough vitamins but after a while it became as easy as giving hay to guinea pigs. I love Archie!

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