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Indivar, the Pet of the Day
Name: Indivar
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Blue Tongue Skink
Home: California, USA
   This is baby Indivar. He is a three-month-old baby Northern Blue Tongue Skink. Northern Blue Tongue Skinks are from Australia but they call them Blue Tongue Lizards there. Blue Tongues make excellent pets as they are very docile and are easy to feed (they will eat just about anything). The Blue Tongue Skink has two ways of protecting itself from predators. One way is to hide, they have excellent coloring that helps them blend into the dirt. The other way is that beautiful blue tongue they have. Let's say a cat ( cats, dogs, and lawn mowers are the biggest threats to Blue Tongue Skinks) walks up to a Blue Tongue Skink and the skink will turn it's body facing the threat. It huffs up to make itself look big and then opens it's mouth and flashes that bright blue tongue at the cat while making a scary hissing noise. Now cats (actually I am not sure about cats) and dogs are colored blind so having a blue tongue doesn't quite help with them, but if you were a bird or some other animal that blue tongue can be quite scary. In the animal world having bright colors usually means 'I am venomous so stay away!"

    I bought Indivar from a breeder in San Diego two months ago. He has grown quite a bit in that short time, in actual size and personality. He is very calm and will happily sit in your lap. His favorite thing to do is to walk on the ground and explore. He also likes to play with this ball he found on the floor one day. Here is a video of him playing with it. I actually have quite a few videos of Indivar so if you feel like watching skink videos, I have more for you to watch! He is quite the character and his personality has really come through. Indivar is so much fun I can't wait to watch him grow up!

Indivar, the Pet of the Day
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Indivar, the Pet of the Day
Indivar, the Pet of the Day
Indivar, the Pet of the Day

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