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Dakota Rae, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dakota Rae
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Blue Hyacinth Macaw
Home: Tulalip, Washington, USA
   Dakota Rae is our Blue Hyacinth Macaw. She is just five years old, so still very much a youngster as they can easily live to 50 years old.

    Besides being so pretty, she is special because she can say her name, and most birds her breed cannot talk. We traveled to North Dakota to get her from people that brought her all the way there from Florida. She likes to sit on my shoulder, and take walks with me and my dogs. She is a very beautiful bird to watch, and she knows it! We love her and she is a joy to have around to spoil. She gets fed better than us most times :) But it is totally worth it, we love her very much!

Dakota Rae, the Pet of the Day
Dakota Rae, the Pet of the Day

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