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Azure, the Pet of the Day
Name: Azure
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Halamera Blue Tongue Skink
Home: California, USA
   Azure (French for blue) is a Halamera Blue Tongue Skink. A Halamera Blue Tongue Skink comes from a small island off the coast of Indonesia, though Azure was captive bred, many pet skinks are wild caught and then exported to different countries. Most Blue Tongues are from Australia and there are many different sub-species.

    She is about nine months old right now but I got her from my cousin who had had her since she was a baby. Azure is a very calm and laid back lizard, she is happy just laying on your chest while you watch TV. I let her walk around the house and she and the dogs get along just fine. I also let her walk around outside to get some fresh air and sun. She loves to wiggle her way through the grass. Her favorite thing to do is to eat. I make her a special Skink Chow that's made up of wet dog food, vegetable baby food, fruit baby food, and calcium and vitamin supplements. I mix it all together and then I put it into ice cube trays to freeze them. Then every three days when it's time for her to eat I just pop a cube out and feed it too her (after I warm it up of course). Though she loves her Skink Chow she likes eating live prey the best. She likes to eat earthworms, mealworms, wax worms, crickets, and of course cockroaches. Some people feed their skinks mice but I just can't bring myself to do that as I used to have mice as pets. Azure is very special to me because, well, I really can't explain why, she just is and that's that.

Azure, the Pet of the Day
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Azure, the Pet of the Day
Azure, the Pet of the Day
Azure, the Pet of the Day

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