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Chalchiuhtice Vimpula, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chalchiuhtice Vimpula
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Nurmijrvi, Finland
   This is Chalchiuhtice Vimpula, but we just call him Vimpula. He is a cross-breed rabbit who has an amazing personality. He is such a calm and loving, handsome little fella. He is very easy to handle, even when you have to clip his nails, he straightens his legs and just chills out!

    Vimpula lives together with our two seven-year-old female bunnies. He is a great leader for the grumpy old ladies. Whenever they are having a bad day, he takes good care of them by kissing and staying near to them. The other one is also nearly blind, and Vimpula watches over her carefully.

    He is one of my first rabbits (I now have ten of them) and he is one of the most dearest ones too, and that is no wonder because of his amazing personality! He is also a perfect poser for when it comes to taking pictures of him. He can be let to roam free with no harness and leash on, he just goes and searches places peacefully and when he sees that I am taking a picture, he usually lifts his head, and changes his "poses" a few times. Then it is time to choose another spot for posing!

Chalchiuhtice Vimpula, the Pet of the Day
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Chalchiuhtice Vimpula, the Pet of the Day
Chalchiuhtice Vimpula, the Pet of the Day
Chalchiuhtice Vimpula, the Pet of the Day

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