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Munchie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Munchie
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Illinois, USA
   Munchie is a spunky little guy who loves to munch on everything (hence his name). He loves to talk to you, especially when it comes to treats or wanting attention, and loves to cuddle in your lap.

    He is my first Guinea Pig. I was given to him by my boyfriend for Christmas about a year and a half ago. My boyfriend brought me to the pet department where he works and showed me the Guinea Pigs, and Munchie was the one I fell in love with. However my boyfriend tricked me into thinking he was already adopted, so when I saw Munchie with a bright green bow around his neck I was shocked and super happy.

    His personality is pretty spunky; always liking to hop around. He's curious and always want to know what I'm up to when I'm in the same room as him. Hes affectionate but will nip at you when he want you to stop. He likes to talk to my babbit, Bandit as well; Always meeping at him! He likes to play with paper towel rolls, and plays tug of war with me with them. He's also hilarious! I don't know why but he really likes it when I pour shavings into his cage from above. He gets really excited and runs through the rain of shavings, meeping happily. He also likes to, what I call "Guinea flop" on, or bulldoze through shavings when I put them into a pile. He also likes to flip his little bed he has on its side and let it fall on him before setting it back up to fall on him again. He gets such enjoyment outta that! His favorite treat is strawberries!

Munchie, the Pet of the Day

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