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Pet of the Day
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Snoopy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Snoopy
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Mouse
Home: Brooks, Alberta, Canada
   This is my new mouse I got this Spring. His real name is Snoopy Gamatasu but he'll answer to Snoops. Unlike my other mice, his favorite food is not pumpkin seeds. His favorite are honey graham cookies. He kissed me the first day I bought and held him as if to say thank you I think now he's the most beautiful mouse in the world. Today he stopped running away while free (out of his cage) after these pictures and let me pick him up, just like the ones I hand-raised myself do. He rode home in my sleeve as I walked. He never ran away when I opened the mouse drawer in the pet store and picked him up him (those cage container things). He is so special. I've only had him for a short time but I'm stuck to him like glue. He's just a "normal feeder mouse," black self is what his color is called. I have been snapping pictures like crazy, I plan to train him to do tricks. He is sweet and smart and very special!

Snoopy, the Pet of the Day
Snoopy, the Pet of the Day

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