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Cash, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cash
Age: Newborn
Gender: Male
Kind: Morab foal
Home: Marysville, Washington, USA
   Introducing Alydar's Cash Surprise - he was just born around noon on Friday, the 11th, while I was working. He's perfect! His barn name is Cash! His momma's name is Surprise, so that's how he gets his formal name. He is a Morab foal, which is a cross between a Morgan Horse and an Arabian.

    He's running full speed, doing so great, growing daily. Yesterday momma was laying down to rest, he was hungry, so what else would a boy do but jump on momma's head to get her up, it worked! I had to take a picture! I have included videos, it is so dear to see him running, and playing, and figuring out how to work those long legs! He's so so cute! We look forward to watching him become an amazing grown up and all the exciting times to come!

Cash, the Pet of the Day
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Cash, the Pet of the Day
Cash, the Pet of the Day
Cash, the Pet of the Day

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