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Crescent, the Pet of the Day
Name: Crescent
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Texas Rat Snake
Home: Ontario, Canada
   This is Crescent, my leucistic Texas Rat Snake ... but she is much more than a pet to me. Crescent is my best friend, my serpent sister and soul-mate. I feel such a strong bond with her, like our hearts are bonded and that we've known each other forever.

    She was already a young adult when I bought her six years ago from a Reptile store. Her previous owner had sold her back to the store because she was constantly biting him. I felt drawn to her the first time I saw her and I've always been so glad I brought her home. It was also during a period of grief over losing Tequila, one of my beloved Corn snakes, when I bought Crescent. Crescent helped to comfort and heal me with our strong kismet connection. She's always been such a perfect sweetheart with me. I love her pristine whiteness-I always tell her that she was made from moonbeams, snowflakes, and pearls! She is also pure love!

    Crescent loves to come out too. When I see her playing in her tank, I'll open it up and caress her head and she'll start to crawl up my arm to come out. She is so comfortable with me too. I shower her face with kisses and she doesn't mind at all. I love her so much and I know we will always be together.

   Here is an excerpt of a poem that I wrote for my beloved Crescent:
"and as I looked into your smoky silver eyes
I saw tiny flecks of snowflakes-
a hint of Deity-a hue of Eternity-
sharing my heartbeat and my existence too,
when I look in your eyes...a rush of memory
sweeps through me, liquefying my soul like
a meteor dripping maple sugar onto Winter's
palate, and I know that I've known you frost outlines the fingerprints
on the windowpane of my soul-I see you,
a soul reincarnated in silver, I see you
and me holding our hearts, feeling forever."

Crescent, the Pet of the Day
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Crescent, the Pet of the Day
Crescent, the Pet of the Day
Crescent, the Pet of the Day
Crescent, the Pet of the Day

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