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Sweetie, Liefje, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sweetie, Liefje
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Standard Dutch cow
Home: Kamerik/Woerden, Netherlands
   This is Liefje - that translates to Sweetie in English. She's just your average dairy cow from afar. This cow is nothing short of a huge grass-eating dog. She craves for human contact, loves attention and loves getting brushed, especially on her chest and belly. I can relax with her both on the pastures and in the stables, where she will sometimes rest her head on my lap. She knows her name and my whistle sound for her. She is very communicative and will express her desires, wishes and complaints as clear as she can.

    Few people know this, but cows are much more intelligent than they appear, or are portrayed by the meat industries. They can be clever as dogs and horse, and can be brought under saddle. If Sweetie's health permits it she may get old, they can reach over twenty, and no butcher will ever lay a hand on her.

Sweetie, Liefje, the Pet of the Day
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Sweetie, Liefje, the Pet of the Day
Sweetie, Liefje, the Pet of the Day

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