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Niko Copernicus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Niko Copernicus
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Orlando, Florida, USA
   Introducing Niko Copernicus. He is a white mosaic Chinchilla who loves to get in trouble! He is definitely a troublemaker! He likes to throw poop out of his cage and makes a mess if you don't let him out for play time which is exactly at 7pm because he is nocturnal. He likes to be affectionate when you have a treat that he wants. It has to be a treat of high value like a cheerio or goji berry. You won't get much attention with just a regular oat hahaha. He knows his stuff! As for trouble, he likes to sneak into places where he shouldn't be and then get stuck.

    I usually can tell when he is stuck because I hear a cry and scratches on the walls of where he is. His favorite areas, the ones where he shouldn't be, are the closet, under the bed (I used cardboard to block the opening, but he still finds his way in and not out), and on top of the airconditioning unit. Now a days, he likes to be adventurous and jump off of places he shouldn't like the countertops, the top of his cage, and once more the a/c unit. He is a happy chin, but 99% of the time he looks grumpy in his pictures! All in all, he knows how to work his owner! He is one very spoiled chin.

Niko Copernicus, the Pet of the Day
Niko Copernicus, the Pet of the Day

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