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Pet of the Day
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Fredward, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fredward
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Painted Turtle
Home: Missouri, USA
   This is my Painted Turtle, his name is Fredward! Fredward is fabulous! He will follow you around in his tank and bite your finger! He has grown a lot in the almost year I have had him, as you can see! He is very well, and spunky but shy, I guess. He doesn't know my voice like a dog would, but he knows I am the provider of food. He is such an interesting cool pet!

    As I mentioned, he likes to follow me around and bite my fingers (don't worry, it does not really hurt - he's too small for that)! He eats worms and store bought special turtle food stick things. When he is older I may try other things, but he is still a growing baby, so right we are concentrating on good nutrition! I tried giving him feeder fish once, but he would just kill them and then disregard them. Hopefully when he gets bigger he'll have interest in them after he kills them! He is a turtle, not a tortoise, so he has a tank with water to swim in, and places to climb out and bask to dry himself. He also enjoys coming outside for some fun in the sun! Fredward is a good pet, and I am glad he is mine!

Fredward, the Pet of the Day
Fredward, the Pet of the Day

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