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Hazel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hazel
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Donkey
Home: LaPorte, Indiana, USA
   This is Hazel, she was the surprise daughter on my donkey Winnie! I did not know Winnie was pregnant when I got her, but almost nine months later, there came Hazel! Hazel is a little bit shy, and shares her pasture with fellow donkeys Joey, Fern and her mom Winnie. She is very affectionate and loves treats, and is the smallest of the group. She loves peppermint candies, circus peanuts, apples, carrots and animal crackers - anything that is sweet, she loves. The donkeys are the hit of the neighborhood, and if neighbors come to the fence, the donkeys will all rush over to see if they have treats. Hazel is curious and friendly and smart. If we set anything down, lik a tool or a glove, she has been known to make off with it! Then it becomes a game of keep-away!

    She also shares the pasture with four horse, Molly, Snickers, Spider and Bunny, and they are all pals, there is no segregation by species. Hazel is a sweet girl, and as we have known her literally since the day she was born, she is very special to us!

Hazel, the Pet of the Day

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