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Pet of the Day
Today's Pet of the Day
Tobey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tobey
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Lakeville, Massachusetts, USA
   Meet Tobey, She has been so special to me since the first day I got her. It was my very first pet I had ever had (at age 43)! I never thought I would have a bird before but I visited my friend out of state and was staying with her for the week and she had a Cockatiel. He was so cute and I fell so in love with his personality. I went home that week and within a week was researching Cockatiels to find out where to buy one.

    She sings to me every morning and in the afternoon I put her on a perch in front of my big window and she has a ball. She tries to talk because she hears all the other birds outside chirping. It's so funny to sit there and watch her play. She spreads her wings out wide and hangs upside down on the perch to shows off to me all the time.

    At night, I take her on my lap and she sleeps while I do work on my laptop. She is so in tuned to me and where I am in the house at all times. If I happen to be on another floor of my house and I walk by the stairs, she actually senses my presence and starts calling me in a very ear piercing voice. It's so funny. She has beautiful markings on her. Her head is almost all yellow and she actually has white polka dots on her all her inside feathers on both sides of her body. I am constantly videotaping her and taking pictures of her because she is so photogenic. LOL!

    My mom lives further away from me so a couple of times a week, we Facetime (video chat) and I always get Tobey to sit with me and my mom talks to her though the computer. Tobey hears her and always jumps off me onto my keyboard to start pecking at the screen. I honestly think she thinks there is another bird on the other side of the screen. She shows off for my mom now too spreading her wings and chirping when she talks to her. I just love her. She is just the sweetest little bird I have ever seen. She also mimics my kisses to her. (Cockatiels in general can copy your sounds of certain things and copy your voice.) Every time I sit there and kiss her, she makes the kissing sounds right back to me ... it melts my heart every time.

Tobey, the Pet of the Day
Tobey, the Pet of the Day

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