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Leon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Leon
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Welsh Pony
Home: Worcester, England
   Leon is my pony he is 11.2 hands high, and is a chestnut with blue eyes. I got him for Christmas two years ago, when I was five. He was untrained and had never been ridden. The first time I got on, I fell off but things got better and Leon is my best friend. We have qualified for the winter show jumping finals that will be on April 12th. Leon is the best.

    Leon is a cheeky chap who is best friends with a grey pony called Fin. He loves fun rides and galloping over the hills. He is a kind and loving pony. Even my sister Faye canters around on her own on him and she is only five! My mum wrote a book about our adventures called, Leon finds a friend. It is illustrated with real photos and was published at Christmas. He is my best friend,

      love, Tess

Leon, the Pet of the Day
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Leon, the Pet of the Day
Leon, the Pet of the Day
Leon, the Pet of the Day

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