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Lune, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lune
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: DEW Ferret
Home: Netherlands
   Lune is special cause of all the things she's been through. She is an unhealthy ferret with three legs. She is a DEW Ferret [that stands for Dark Eyed White]. Because she has dark eyes, she is not an albino, though some people think she is!

    I got Lune for free when she was around two years old, she seemed healthy but wasn't at all, which I figured out after some weeks, since she didn't become much livelier when she got used to her new place. She's a pretty calm ferret to start with, but this was a little too calm. After a lot of visits to the vet she started to bloom and became a very lovely ferret, very sweet but not really the hugging type. Very very playful though! It is so sweet to see how she jumps and bounces through the rooms with only three legs, looks kinds clumsy and cute at the same time!

    Lune doesn't like it to go outside, she isn't used to cars and things like that and a bit scared. It's going better and better over the time, and she gets more confident. She's a very food-centered pet; she likes all kind of treats, dried meat and all that kind of things, which is very much fun to try if she likes another kind of treat. I hever had a treat-loving ferret since I had only one ferret before her, who still is a really picky ferret.

    Since Lune likes treats so much, she can also sit on her hind legs and roll over and turn around! Though I don't think she really knows what she's doing since she isn't the most intelligent ferret I've ever seen, haha. But what matters is that she's sweet and happy!

    Lune is also quite easy and patient for a ferret; she doesn't mind if she has to wait, sit in a carrier or a smaller place/cage for some time [like for traveling or something] which is nice! She's a very easy going girl.

    For Lune it haven't been all nice and easy. She's had two owners or more before I got her just after her second birthday. She did not get the needed medical care, so when she was at my place, I had to de-mite her three times before all the bugs were gone.. Since she was suffering for ear-mite, and wasn't helped in time, she now got chronic ear-problems, which can't be helped. Besides the ear-problems, I also needed to get one of her canine teeth removed since it was rotting. When we were back at our home, I still had the feeling something wasn't quite right. After some weeks I returned to the ferret-hospital and it seemed she also got quite some stomach-problems, which are also chronological. She got medication for her stomach, she can't eat raw meat anymore and got special vet-foods. It's quite normal for ferrets to get stomach problems when they get older, but Lune is still a bit young for it and all. I hope she can still live a good and worthy life here, playing with me and bugging my other ferret, Mawi! [They don't like each other too much, so they sleep separated but 'play' together in the house.]

    I hope she will have a great and confidence - full life here for the rest of her time, I have no clue how old my little girl might get, but let's hope for the best! She's a real cutey though, and since she got medications, she is a real happy girl! Hope she can still live a long life! All and all she's a great pet!

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