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Sunshine, Fluffy Cloud, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sunshine, Fluffy Cloud
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Teddy bear hamster
Home: USA
   These are our hamsters Sunshine and Fluffy Cloud. They are Teddy bear hamsters. We are not sure the age of our hamsters. Our names are Gracie and Isabella and we are twins!

    What makes our hamsters special is that they are identical twins just like me and my sister! They fight sometimes so we have to have them in separate cages! They are white and very cute and cuddle! They are hamster Houdini's they have gotten out of there cages and playpens before! We both like playing with our hamsters a lot and so does other people! They have a grown a little bit since we got them! We love our hamsters so much!

    Gracie here - Sunshine is an independent type. Her tricks are she can escape out of her carrier case and can climb through toilet paper rolls! She is special because she has a twin and she's all white. She is also special because when we went to the pet store it was a surprise that I got her. She is very adventurous and loves being played with! We have to give Sunshine a bath sometimes cause she can get a little bit smelly! She loves treats! Her favorite food is sunflower seeds! I love Sunshine very much!

    Isabella here - Fluffy Cloud is more of the independent type, too! Her tricks are she can get out of her carrier case and climbs through toilet paper rolls, too, just like her sister. What makes her special is that she is a twin just like I am! She doesn't bite me and is very sweet! She is very cute! She loves when I hold her and play with her! Her favorite food is rice treats! I love Fluffy Cloud very much!

Sunshine, Fluffy Cloud, the Pet of the Day

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