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Little Rat, the Pet of the Day
Name: Little Rat
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dumbo Rat
Home: Lititz, Pennsylvania, USA
   This is my pet dumbo rat, her name is Little Rat. Little Rat is very special to me. She was my very first pet rat. Her parents are owned by a good friend of mine. When I found out her rats were having babies, I knew I wanted one. It took a while to convince my mom to let me get her. My mom was terrified of rats and thought of them as disgusting and diseased. I showed her pictures of the baby rats and she agreed to let me get one.

    The day I went to pick up my new pet rat from my friend, I had no idea which rat I would be getting. I didn't know if I wanted to get a boy or a girl. So, I tried to hold each baby rat to see which one liked me better. All of them ran from me and jumped out of my hands except for one. The littlest rat of them all, the runt of the litter, had no problem with me holding her. She was nervous and scared, but not jumpy. I knew that would be my rat.

    I took her home and for weeks I didn't know what to call her. I would come up with a new nickname every day, but couldn't come up with a real name. Nothing seemed to fit her. Out of all the nicknames I gave her, I used Little Rat the most. The name stuck.

    A few months later, I ended up adopting her two biological sisters. Little Rat became the alpha rat of the rat cage and loves to steal her sisters' food. She can be rough with her sisters when she needs to be, but she's usually very kind and loves to play and groom them. She doesn't like to be outside of her cage much, but she loves to play with my hand if I put it inside the cage. She's such a sweetheart, and my little buddy!

Little Rat, the Pet of the Day
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Little Rat, the Pet of the Day
Little Rat, the Pet of the Day

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