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Muffin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Muffin
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Elmira, New York, USA
   Muffin is a special cockatiel that came to live with my boyfriend and I in May of 2013 when she was about five months old. I found her in a locally owned pet store and knew that something was different about her from the start. Her wings looked different and I wasn't sure what was wrong with them, but she stepped up on my hand willingly and I fell in love instantly! She liked to sit on our shoulders when she first came home, but we realized quickly that she had very poor balance, so we made sure not to move around if she was on us because otherwise she would fall. Her flight feathers were clipped and whoever clipped her did a horrendous job, clipping feathers that are never meant to be clipped. We soon learned that she could not fly and probably never would be able to. However, she loves attention, especially head rubs, and her personality shines through despite her disability. Here is a video of her enjoying head rubs.

    She moved into our living room in a cage next to our English Budgie, Chip. They became comfortable with each other pretty quickly, so much so that I would find her in his cage all of the time, even though hers was right next door. I decided to upgrade and buy them a large flight cage to live in together and they have been happy roommates ever since! She has become an excellent climber and has gone through one molt so far where about half of her flight feathers have grown back in. We are hoping that some day she will have all of her beautiful flight feathers back, even though her wings still may not work. She thinks she can fly, though, and will grab on to her perch and wildly flap her wings like she is going to take off!

    Muffin is such a sweet bird! I wish she liked me more; she is extremely bonded with my boyfriend, but she will still come to me for snuggles sometimes. She is a great example of how an animal with a disability can still be a wonderful pet!

Muffin, the Pet of the Day
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Muffin, the Pet of the Day
Muffin, the Pet of the Day
Muffin, the Pet of the Day

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