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Citrus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Citrus
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Leopard Gecko
Home: Alberta, Canada
   My girl's name is Citrus or CiCi for short. She is a giant leopard gecko at about four years old and has a long way to go.

    When I was nine, I wanted a reptile ... a gecko specifically but at that time I would have taken any reptile. My parents hate reptiles so there was no way. After begging for five years and really good school marks, they finally said yes but I had to make the money and do the research myself. So for about three months I researched on geckos and how to take care of them and had written everything down and saved all of the money from babysitting.

    Originally I wanted a boy gecko, because for some reason boys are more fond of me then girls when it comes to animals. So when I went to the pet store I asked to handle all of the boy geckos. So I did, and the worker said "Do you want to handle the girl just in case?" I agreed, set on getting a boy, but when she handed me this beautiful girl she said "be careful this one bites." I was careful and instead of biting me she crawled all over me and licked my fingertips. The worker said she has never done that with anyone before, so she must really love me! The worst part was learning that if they didn't sell her soon they were going to just send her away anywhere else, so I just had to take her! I bought her and reserved her and she waited for me at the pet store for about a week. After I had bought the tank and food I took her home with me as well. She was scared when she first came home but she caught on to the idea of the good life very quickly.

    Now that she is my very own she has become a lot more calm and less agitated. I suppose this is because she is home and no more dogs barking and cats mewing and all of the other sounds of a pet store can freak the poor thing out. I think she is happy to have a nice quiet home now. Her personality is just super! She can be very happy but can change to sassy, too! One time when I put her mealworms into her food dish she then proceeded to poop in it ... that is one way to say "I'm not hungry!" I guess.

    She knows one trick where I rub her mouth and she opens it for hand feeding, if I chose to do so that day. She is very affectionate! She loves to cuddle and be around me! I am holding her as I type this, actually, and she is being adorable as usual. She does have a favorite game where if I raise my leg as high as it can go when I am sitting I then put her on my hip and she proceeds to climb to the tip of my toes! Her reward is a good belly rub when she does so! She loves her belly being rubbed and her head ... her tail, not so much! I have included a picture of her when I was about to rub her belly ... as soon as I tip her on her back she lays still ready to get a good rubbing!

    She actually answers to her name, too. If I am holding her and say "hey Citrus," or "CiCi" She looks at me ... she really is a truly smart adorable gecko! She is very well behaved and very very photogenic!

Citrus, the Pet of the Day
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Citrus, the Pet of the Day
Citrus, the Pet of the Day
Citrus, the Pet of the Day
Citrus, the Pet of the Day
Citrus, the Pet of the Day

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