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Mini, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mini
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Miniature Pony
Home: Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
   This my Mini and she is a Miniature Pony. I know, her name isn't very creative, but it's her name and she knows it well! As soon as we met, Mini and I became such fast friends!

    Mini is very intelligent - in fact sometimes too intelligent, if you know what I mean! Need an example? Picture this. You lock the barn tight, you turn off all the lights, and you make sure everything is in order, you even triple check before you head in for the night! The next morning you wake up to make yourself coffee, and you see a little white pony out in the paddock. Yup, she's out again. How? She's not telling! So you go out, and you give her a slice of your morning apple. Bah, why not?

    Another thing that makes her special is Mini is an incredible jumper, even for her size! And her very pretty, light-colored eyes, which I have never seen on another horse. I love her dearly, and can't imagine my life without her!

Mini, the Pet of the Day

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