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Mayawi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mayawi
Age: Five and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sable Ferret
Home: Netherlands
   Mayawi, or Mawi for short, is a really special girl for me. She's always been there for me, for five long years already! This girl always goes to festivals and shops with me, she's like a little dog, but more awesome since she's a ferret!

    Mayawi is my first ferret and the love of my life. At least she started being the love of my life after a year or so. She was pretty stubborn and hard to raise. She did bite, and not just soft playful biting ferrets are known to do, but real biting. I learned a lot from her, like almost always it was my - the owner's - fault, not hers. When I realized this, she became really really nice to people, and after two and a half years she was a fully bite-free, very cute, adorable adult ferret.

    Starting from two years old, our life together really started; she went everywhere with me: shopping, walking, nature parks, zoos, festivals, and sleep-overs. And we're still doing that, even though since I've got two furry ferrets now, I sometimes need to find a ferret-sitter (mostly my dad) who can do their medication and give them the attention they need.

    Mawi is quite famous around the places where I go; this is yearly festivals and all. She even got her own facebook because of that, and got even more 'friends' than me. Mawi's good at stealing the show, being cute and pet-able since she loves attention so much.

    When she was two years old, little Mayawi got a little 'buddy,' namely my other ferret, Lune. Mawi sin't very much interested in Lune, but she's the only ferret Mawi can stand. Normally she is quite aggressive to other pets/ferrets, but she seems fine with Lune! Lucky me, now I have two adorable fuzzballs to take care of!

    I finally managed to teach my little girl to walk with me when she's on the leash instead of just going where she wants to go (which took me 4 1/2 years!) so we can walk more easily. She also will sit on my shoulder in busy places or when I'm on the bicycle. We bike a lot here in the Netherlands. She's my great friend who helped me through hard parts in life, since life hasn't been taking it easy on me either. Also Mawi has had the typical accidents, once she almost died, but survived and came out stronger then ever before. We grew very close, I think as close as you can get with a pet-ferret!

    So, I wanted to introduce you all my sweet buddy-for-life, my little girl which I often call my baby or daughter, haha. I think it's a ferret-owners-thing. Mawi is getting older already now, with her 5 1/2 years, I hope she is the kind of ferret healthy enough to reach her 10th birthday or even older!

Mayawi, the Pet of the Day

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