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Pet of the Day
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Bella, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bella
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lop Rabbit
Home: Cologne, Germany
   I want to show you a picture of my favorite pet. Her name is Isabella, Bella for short. She is now five years old and is a bunny rabbit. There are many things that are really special. She is small but has a big personality! I have included some videos where you can see what I mean, hee hee!

    She is very intelligent for a bunny. She plays with my dog Susi's puzzle toy and understands how it works.

    She fears nothing, and is kind to any person or animal she sees. She does not fear my neighbors' dogs, and also has no fear of the cats and birds who visit the balcony every day! Not even the vacuum cleaner makes Bella afraid.

    And the last thing that makes her so special is that she knows when I or my husband needs someone to cuddle when we feel sad, or has had a bad day.

    She is not so bunnylike, and that make her so special in my eyes!

    You can see more pictures on my website, Bella - Meine Kaninchen.

Bella, the Pet of the Day
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Bella, the Pet of the Day
Bella, the Pet of the Day

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