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Minerva, the Pet of the Day
Name: Minerva
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Syrian Hamster
Home: Portugal
   This is Minerva. She's a Syrian Hamster, her color is called Umbrous Cinnamon and she is a Long-Haired girl. Minerva is special because she is just like a dog, and while most hamsters don't really like to be held, she loves it. She loves to cuddle and sleep by my side. She also knows her name and if I call her, she will come. She loves to sleep, is a very sleepy hamster!

    Minerva is very kind, calm and a sweetie. She's very active when she is in her cage, but very calm outside. She loves to play in her playpen, I put some toys in there, and she loves to climb them and hiding, but what she really loves is to find the food I hide around the playpen. It is also a very good exercise for any Hamster and she really loves it!

    Minerva also loves to dig and she usually makes really big nests! She dislikes houses, she's more of a nest Hamster, she also loves to dig and sleep under the litter. She really enjoy eating some carrot, I believe it's her favourite food! She also loves some home made treats.

    Minerva was born here, when I was a experienced and registered breeder (my breeding line is actually stopped and I don't plan on start it again), she was from the last litter I had, so I saw her as she was growing and that makes her even more special to me.

   Watch Minerva's "The Sleepy Hamster" video.

Minerva, the Pet of the Day
Minerva, the Pet of the Day

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