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Ruby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ruby
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Solomon Island Eclectus
Home: Middle Georgia, USA
   Ruby is hand tamed bird and loves to give me kisses all day. She will actually stick her beak into my mouth if I allow her to. She loves to go to the grocery store with me and will ride on the cart handle, while saying "Hello!" to every person she comes across. She enjoys meeting new people.

    Ruby has this little plastic beer mug that she will retrieve from her cage bottom, carry it up to her water bowl, dip it into the water and drink from it. She will also use this mug to have tea parties with two little girls that I babysit. She will lay upside down in my arms like a baby and hum Rock-a-bye Baby. She is a very special member of my family, and I'm not sure she knows she is not a person. She has a very large vocabulary, and if you try to nap on our sofa, you will hear every word she knows.

Ruby, the Pet of the Day

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