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Pearl, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pearl
Age: Two and a half months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Llama
Home: Oro Station, Ontario, Canada
   This is Pearl, our baby llama. Pearl was an unexpected treasure. When we purchased two new females one arrived pregnant. We had no idea. We were very nervous when we were told of our blessing to be, but Pearl was born perfectly healthy! Pearl was born on Father's Day 2013. Although the situation was not exactly our choice, we love Pearl dearly,and it has been amazing to watch her development. We have had people follow her progress on youtube and Facebook from all over the world. Pearl is named for the white stripe under her chin, a Pearl necklace. Her name was picked from suggestions given by friends and family online. The winner, a friend in England, was named her godmother. We are hoping that she will remain her lighter color, but we have no information what the father may have looked like. My wife's co-workers even made a cake and threw a baby shower for my wife.

    Cars stop on the road to look at Pearl, and we have had many visitors come to visit our baby. Pearl is now starting to eat grasses, but she is still very close to her mother Spooky.

    Pearl was guarded very closely by the three adult herd members, but has been a handful for them at times. There are coyotes, which worries us, but none come on the property with the adults guarding Pearl. She is very independent and can have some attitude with the adults, yet when her mother calls, she goes directly to Spooky. Pearl escaped the yard, and Spooky's call was the main reason I was able to catch her. She seemed to have a wonderful time running free. Pearl makes a sound between a hum and a moan. Pearl is still shy with us, but permits petting at her choice. We are working to have her as friendly as possible. She is very interested in people.

    Recently all four llamas were running in the field and Pearl raced passed the adults showing off her speed. Pearl will be more and more a pet, but first we wanted her to learn to be a llama. She copies everything the adults do. Pearl loves to roll in sand and get dirty. If Pearl upsets the largest llama that we have, she will sometimes get spit on. Pearl seems to get hurt feelings if spit at, and looks very sad for sympathy.

   Watch the video of Pearl on her first full day of her life. Watch Pearl's video when she was three days old.

Pearl, the Pet of the Day
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Pearl, the Pet of the Day
Pearl, the Pet of the Day
Pearl, the Pet of the Day
Pearl, the Pet of the Day

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