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Smokey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Smokey
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Congo African Grey
Home: Michigan, USA
   Smokey will be three years old in November, although I don't know exactly what day. He lives with me and my hubby in Michigan. He is very special to me, he had a bad second home and when I went to see him I felt so bad for him! He had that "please take me with you" look in his eyes, that begged to please get him out of there. My poor baby had one perch, one toy and one food bowl in a dirty rusty old cage and I don't believe he had been out of that cage for a long time. His first home from what I learned was not good either; I actually think he had been mentally abused by his first owners.

    Now Smokey is a happy parrot, he has freedom to come and go inside and out of his cage, good food, lots of toys and a clean cage and most of all tons of attention and affection from me and my husband. I am so glad I responded to the add I saw him in, he is my joy and I love spending my time with him!

    He has new perches, new toys and good food. I make sure to give him tons of attention! He says "Tiger" now and does a low growl, so cute! He does a raspberry, too. He says a lot of stuff, but it's real low and you can't understand him. Maybe in time he will get louder like my other bird Rocky!

Smokey, the Pet of the Day
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Smokey, the Pet of the Day
Smokey, the Pet of the Day

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