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Lilith, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lilith
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chilean chinchilla
Home: Groningen, the Netherlands
   Lilith, this shy little furball, is coming out of her shell and showing us she is a true model. The big black camera is a bit scary from time to time but after a year of hard work and a lot of treats she feels comfortable enough to show us her moves in front of it.

    Even with her being shy she can be just as much of a brat as her sister! As you can see in the pictures, she likes to put herself in places she knows she can't fit! She is the cutest fluffiest little chinchilla you'll ever meet, even though she is shy, when she finally opens up to you she has a heart of gold.

    The pictures are in order from most recent to the oldest, when she was quite young. With the picture with the black background with her standing upwards is from about a month ago. The one with her sitting on my bed is the next to newest. The one with her stuck between the wooden pannel of my bed is the one before that. The one with her sleeping in a box is one of the youngest and there's a baby picture with the red pillow behind her. As you can see in the first photo (the one where she's standing up) she's grown well! We are watching her weight now, though, since she's getting a bit too big, but that just means she is happy here!

Lilith, the Pet of the Day
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Lilith, the Pet of the Day
Lilith, the Pet of the Day

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